“C” is for Children

Unified Caring Association members are a part of C.A.R.E. programs that help promote caring acts for everyone in our community and beyond. The ‘C’ in C.A.R.E. stands for children. Children are the most universally embraced reason for caring that most people support. This is a broad topic that we hear about locally and globally; to help lift kids out of extreme poverty and/or danger is one of the many ways to support kids. Unified Caring Association feels that one act of caring for a child can instill in them the desire to learn to do this for others throughout their lives. This is valuable and important because they are our future.

Unified Caring Association (UCA) supports caring projects with a focus on children, such as those that promote emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, while handling interpersonal relationships critically, yet overall empathetically. UCA promotes the caring of children by providing resources for access to emotional intelligence tools, offering caring scholarships, and providing caring gifts to young developing minds.

As an example, Unified Caring Association has connected with Children First Foster Family Agency (CFFFA) in a effort to support them and the children under their care. We know that car seats are essential for safeguarding kids. This is something that we found out the CFFFA needed assistance in acquiring so the agency can transport the children in their care to their appointments. We were grateful to be ready, willing and able to help. Unified Caring Association moved into action to help equip CFFFA with new car seats of varying sizes to cover the full range of ages needed. All of these were selected by the UCA team with care and love! (Read the full article HERE!)

On another occasion, UCA helped out with donating car seats when our team noticed that the Central Coast Kinship Center and Adoptive Placement Program needed car seats as well! Unified Caring Association sprang into action selecting high quality car seats for newborns to toddlers with the best ratings possible.  (Read the full article HERE!)

These are just two accounts out of the many ways that Unified Caring Association sponsors caring communities as well as non-profit organizations who directly and effectively work to meet unmet basic needs for children. There are many more projects and programs that UCA has created to care for children. One of the other ways we provide resources for children is through our Caring Scholarships. Read more in our blog UCA & Scholarships or on our website under the Scholarship tab.  We love hearing about our caring community’s involvement as they uphold our first letter in our C.A.R.E. programs. Because ‘C’ is for “Children.”

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Caring Challenge Recap

Ever so often there are moments in our lives where someone said or did something that had a profound impact on us. It could have been a grand gesture, such as giving you a scholarship for school, or something as small as holding the door open for you while you juggle a variety of items needed for your day. Often times this leaves us feeling like we want to pay-it-forward. But, how can you cultivate this mindset for the rest of your life? Unified Caring Association (UCA) has a great tool to help its members bring more caring and gratitude into their lives through the Caring Challenge.

The Caring Challenge is a daily prompt of something to do or think about that is caring, encouraging gratitude, or helping others. An example of a prompt would be, “Listen intently to everyone.” Not too hard when you first read it. But hold that thought in you mind ALL DAY. You will be surprised to find that you might periodically be slipping into your own thoughts on chores, work, what you are going to say, or simply nothing at all!

Awesome, we are on board for this challenge! What day are we on? Currently we are on day 126, but do not worry that you have missed the first months of the year. Below is a recap of each day that has gone by so far. Enjoy the past prompts. And if you are feeling ambitions, add them to the current daily prompts posted each day! Find this on the Unified Caring Association’s website under the News & Inspiration tab. We know you can do it, and love that you are already on the path to a more caring life style!

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UCA & Scholarships

Unified Caring Association Caring Scholarships

There is so much on the web today regarding scholarships. But one place that has unique scholarships is Unified Caring Association’s website. UCA has designed their scholarship program to reward and celebrate kind, caring hearts. The program acknowledges and promotes students’ acts of kindness while encouraging and supporting them to advance their education. These scholarships are nationwide and program specific. Students are invited to write 500-word essays answering a prompt that involves caring.  Some of the prompts that have been/can be asked are:

-If you were the “Caring Ambassador” at your school, what would you do to inspire other students to be more caring?
-How do you plan to live a life that promotes peace and unity? How will you create the journey to fulfill this purpose?
-How can caring and kindness be implemented more in your personal life and in your school?
-If you were the President of the United States, what would you do to promote Peace and Unity?

Many people can attest to the comment that the UCA scholarship program is often celebrated and encouraged by school guidance counselors, teachers, and students. These essays are heartwarming and ingenuitive while reminding others and themselves of kindness. There are so many submissions, that the UCA scholarship team has a hard time picking its top choices. They often wish they could reward more applicants each time based on the beautiful hearts and minds behind each essay. The most interesting thing is they essays are scored on a “caring rubric” instead of a traditional academic rubric. This allows for the students to submit their talent in caring and kindness.

An example of a current scholarship is:

UCA’s Scholarship for High School Juniors and Seniors:
“If you could change one thing in the world to make it a more caring place, what would you change?” (Deadline: May 31, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. PST)

When you hover over the scholarships tab, a drop down menu allows options to see all of individual winners and some of their essays. One of these is from Sarah Cline, who wrote on how “Genuine kindness is one of the most valuable traits a person can possess.” Having real concern for those around you and caring about how they feel makes you stand out among everyone else.”

The rest of the essay tell her story and the lessons she has learned about how acts of kindness make all the difference. This is such an inspirational and heartfelt essay, as well as the rest of the essays you can read on UCA’s website. You could spend hour upon hour reading these, and have a brighter day from it! If someone you know or you yourself are looking to continue your education, check out these scholarships!

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Caring Connection 24-7

Most of us at some point in our lives have needed a way to unburden our minds and hearts; this is often the best form of self-care. Amongst the many benefits that members have access to at Unified Caring Association is a 24 hour counseling hotline. This wonderful and vital resource is for those who just need someone to talk with. This is a toll free counseling hotline 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for immediate counseling! All of the counselors on this counseling hotline have been specially trained to offer confidential counseling services to help you and your immediate family overcome the problems and stresses that may be encountered every day. These counselors can give referrals to local licensed therapists for face-to-face counseling for additional and/or ongoing support. What is a wonderful and caring bonus is that UCA members get a discounted rate!

Some of the topics that can be discussed are:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Greif
  • Substance Abuse
  • Marital/Relationship Difficulties
  • Struggles with Family Dynamics
  • Wellness Challenges such as:
    • Weight Loss
    • Quitting Smoking
  • And More!

It is amazing to find this wonderful resource and so much more at Unified Caring Association for such an affordable membership rate of $15/month. Let us help guide  you to the resources for your self-care and the caring of your family!

If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency dial 911.

CLICK HERE to read more about the 24 hour counseling hotline and other self-care resources on Unified Caring Association’s website!

Love our blogs and want to read more? Unified Caring Association has other caring blogs that inspire us all such as Caring Challenge Recap!

Unified Caring Association-Your Life is What We Care About.

Unified Caring Association

Often shortened to UCA, Unified Caring Association is a care promoting network and resource hub filled with resources for others and yourself in the same place. It was founded in 1987 and renamed in 2012, and with 150,000+ members and growing, there is a lot to draw from in this association. As a member of UCA you can find products and services for growth that make your life easier and more fulfilling personally, with others, at work, etc.

The first thing you notice amongst the blues and oranges painting the page when visiting the UCA website https://www.unifiedcaring.org/ is the UCA logo with a cheerful yellow sun in the upper righthand corner of the page. Next to the logo is the best summary of what UCA is here for, “ Your Life is What We Care About.” Awesome! Once a member of UCA, you can find offers that include: different benefit options, caring news and inspirational writings, scholarship options, and an e-commerce shop filled with goodies! All of these options link back to the core value of CARING, because being a part of UCA is joining a caring community that shares tools, ideas, and resources.

When a member joins they become a part of the UCA CARE program which is a special CARE project team that focuses on providing caring support to benefit individuals who are not able to speak for themselves. These CARE partner projects assist non-profits to create meaningful change in the world by focusing on creating improvement through caring in the areas of Children, Animals, Reforestation and the Elderly. It is amazing to know that the CARE program is not just limited to these five areas but also includes veterans, victims of natural disaster, addiction treatment programs, survivors of sex-trafficking, and more! If there is topic or need not listed, UCA is also ready to hear from its members and caring community; they are just an email away seeking to be where ever caring is needed.

What is super fantastic is that there is a way to get a daily dose of care through: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Instagram! The images and quotes posted are cheerful, uplifting and just the right pick-me-up at any moment in your day! Join UCA and follow UCA on social media to feel and share the care! Already in love with UCA? Like and share the care posts on your favorite social media platform. We look forward to you joining us on this caring adventure!

Love our blogs and want to read more? Unified Caring Association has other caring blogs that inspire us all such as Caring Challenge Recap and Caring Connection 24-7!

The “E” in C.A.R.E. Stands for “Elderly.”

Unified Caring Association has many programs that stem from it’s caring core values that create huge, caring impacts. Each letter of their CARE program stands for one of the five areas that UCA builds upon: C is for Children, A is for Animals, R is for Reforestation, and E is for Elderly. Once logged into the Unified Caring Association’s website as a member, there is a section under the benefits tab for Seniors. There are so many resources for those that are or are entering an older age bracket.

One of these resources is a Senior Lifestyle Library, perfect for those that are looking for tips and ways to help remain more fit and happy. The library provides exercise resources and an abundance of activities that helps promote a healthy senior lifestyle. Another resource is a listing for seniors of ways to stay connective while staying active. Resources that foster a sense of community, companionship, and social interaction are all listed in one convenient place, like the Friendship Line which is a national 24-hour toll-free crisis and support line run by the Institute on Aging for isolated, depressed,and/or lonely seniors. Also, Unified Caring Association has a connection with Senior Corps. Senior Corps is a U.S. government agency under the authority of the Corporation of National and Community Service with a stated mission to provide aid to the elderly while promoting a strong and secure sense of community.

If you are wanting to find resources in your local area, Unified Caring Association has a way to locate senior services in your locale. Check out the Eldercare Locator which is run by the U.S. Administration of Aging. The Eldercare Locator is a public service connecting you to resources and services for the elderly and their families. When you link from UCA to their website you will see a locator page allowing you to search by city, zip code or general information about a topic. This is such a great tool for the elderly and their families. A similar resource to this is  2-1-1, a free and confidential service that assists families across the United States and many parts of Canada to find the local resources they are looking for and need.

A special caring feature of UCA’s resources for the the elderly, is their memory care section. Unified Caring has included tools under their senior tab for memory fitness. Here you will find memory games to help train and boost the mind, designed to improve memory by stimulating the mind, with the goal of minimizing or delaying memory loss symptoms. Some of these activities include board and group participation games, puzzles, music, and literature discussions.

There are so many more resources for Unified Caring Association members that are listed on the Seniors page. Keep checking back in and see what else we can connect you with for the elderly in your life!

Want to hear more from Unified Caring Association? Check out our social media sites on Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram for a does of daily caring! Or read our other blogs that inspire us all!