What Is the Happiness Guide from Unified Caring Association?

Happiness is an emotional state of well being, but it is also an acronym used in Unified Caring Association’s Happiness Guide. Unified Caring Association provides resources to its members to help them live a more positive life. The Happiness Guide details nine steps to true happiness. They include the following:

  • Humility
  • Acceptance
  • Perseverance
  • Patients
  • Impeccability
  • Nurturance
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sensitivity
  • Strength

The Happiness Guide explains that many of us define our happiness with what we have. Having that big screen television and new car means being successful and, therefore, being happy. Obviously, though, there are many wealthy people who are not happy. And some of the happiest people are from parts of the world where they don’t have much. So how can this be so?

This is the exact question the Happiness Guide aims to answer. True happiness involves having joy from within. It explains that happiness derived from outside things, like money or food, is momentary. You may enjoy that dessert, but how do you feel when the dessert is gone? With happiness from within, that happiness is everlasting. But how does one achieve true happiness from within?

The guide provides real-life, easy to understand advice on how one can address problems and other things that might impede happiness. By living life with a sense of truth and integrity, you can retain happiness even when life gets difficult. When we live life fearfully and from a shameful place, this is when our happiness subsides and we make poor decisions that affect our well-being and self-worth.

If you have struggled with happiness or you think that there is a disconnection in your life that is causing you to not live your best life, the Happiness Guide from Unified Caring Association is a good read.

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