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Once Big Dreaming Children

scholarship essay about children

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question is asked to most children their first years of schooling. The most common answers are they want to be doctors, nurses, teachers, or astronauts. In the next decade, however, those big jobs they dreamt of having change and sometimes it’s not for good … Read moreOnce Big Dreaming Children

Making the Grass Greener for Children

scholarship essay about children

My 11-year old self set foot in Bangladesh with no expectations nor ideas of what the land would look like, what the air would smell like, what a taxi would look like, or even how the people commonly dressed. Learning about the country from stories of my mother’s childhood, movies, and television shows made me … Read moreMaking the Grass Greener for Children

Creating a Better Community for Children

scholarship essay about children

For the past 10 years I have created change for the better for the children in my community. From a young age, I found that I had a huge heart for serving others. This realization came to me one Sunday morning at my church when I was eight years old. My pastor was talking about … Read moreCreating a Better Community for Children

Change the Needless Killing of Poached Animals

I’ve always had an interest in the welfare of animals. Even when I was little, I would fantasize about volunteering at animal shelters when I got older, and I imagined myself becoming a veterinarian when I grew up. But when I was young, I never thought my love of animals would bring me so close … Read moreChange the Needless Killing of Poached Animals

Reducing Isolation of Our Elderly

scholarship essay on elders

The human connection is something that we all crave. Our longing to be with one another and experience social interaction is with us our whole lives. Especially in today’s environment, it has become increasingly harder to maintain this connection for many people. Whether it be distance from family members or coronavirus, the elderly population has … Read moreReducing Isolation of Our Elderly

Make Our Society a Better Place for Children

scholarship essay about children

To make our society a better place for children, I believe having a good leader to show them how to be the best they can be. A good leader’s characteristics include accountability for their attitude, effort and behavior. I don’t think a good leader is born a good leader; it is definitely a learned behavior. … Read moreMake Our Society a Better Place for Children

A Key to Healing Faster

healing direction on compass

The journey to healing is a process, no matter if it is physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional. As humans, we often want that process to go by faster. Many of us do more harm to ourselves than good.  When a trauma happens, we want to get back to living life, the way we use to, … Read moreA Key to Healing Faster

The Secret To Putting Caring Into Action On A Local Level

You’ve probably heard the phrase “all politics is local.” The “local” refers to making sure national representatives are still taking care of the needs of the folks back home in their districts.  The same principal applies to putting caring into action on a local level.  Our local communities and neighborhoods can be the North Star … Read moreThe Secret To Putting Caring Into Action On A Local Level

Fall 2020 Scholarship Winners


As we approached the November 30 deadline for the UCA Fall Scholarship Essay Contest, we found ourselves cheering on the last-minute influx of essays coming through the Scholarship website portal. Back in September, it was with faith and fingers-crossed that we sent out the invitation to high school juniors and seniors announcing the Scholarship Contest.  … Read moreFall 2020 Scholarship Winners

The Caring Way to Change

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As the late, great Robin Williams once said “never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Robin’s words are so pregnant with truth. All we have to do is think of the caring people we know to give birth to the changes they’ve made in the lives of … Read moreThe Caring Way to Change