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Education System is Limiting the Potential of Our Children

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. – Malcolm X.

This is the pinnacle of education. Education is the enlightenment, the ability to think. Education is the ultimate form of power, the intelligence that is acquired through the pure form; it is the greatest achievement one could have when done correctly. The impact on my life is prevalent in the way I speak, and act. It has truly given me an edge in life that unfortunately a lot of other people do not care for. The mindset I have has not always been the same.

The many intricacies of our life is dependent knowledge, as everything revolves around the mind. The perfection of this mind is pivotal for the completion of  a genius. The Einsteins, and the Stephen Hawking are the ones that come to mind when genius is said. True revolutionary minds helping us understand the world we live in. Although it is never a bad idea to acquire as much knowledge as possible, like all geniuses they then see all of the rotten cracks in the earth. The darkness in the light, allusions and false indication. You see the many corrupt politicians rhetoric, the many atrocious, and schemes by people in power.

However when used for good, it can create a whole country full of powerful, wholesome, productive citizens. A striving society can only be built upon the future generation. As they are pivotal to write the wrongs of the past, to be better than the ones before them. Unfortunately, it could also be used to keep the people stagnant, and dependent.

Cities all around America are being met with poor education, keeping them in their primal state. I see my brothers and sisters ripping each other apart because they don’t know any better. My people are filled with untapped potential, but are not manifesting because of the intentional lack of education in these communities. A lot of these are covered up by the American politicians, claiming this are done for our benefit. A complete reform is necessary, destruction of the old method will have to commence if we want to save this country.

The focus is more on critical and creative. The memorization of the irrelevant has not improved us, as we are ranked painfully below average in terms of intelligence compared to the rest of the world. The inclusion of all the people is the most needed change, as it stands now, black children have a major disadvantage, but to flourish we must end the injustices. The limitation of creativity should also be abolished. The restrictions that we have been placed with are limiting the potential of the children. Teaching the students in this linear way of thinking is preparing them for nothing. Or should I say the plan of these so-called ”leaders” all along. However, with imitation of education superpowers, we can truly be a great nation. We can truly be what we say we are. As always the chains will be lifted.

Scholarship Essay submission by Jerome Brown

UCA’s most recent Scholarship Essay Contest for High School Juniors and Seniors officially ended on May 15, 2020.  While the theme has always been to explore ways to make a more caring world, our most recent  Essay Contest specifically asked how they would make a more caring world in one of four categories  – Children – Animals – Reforestation – Elderly.  The winning essays have been posted and awards distributed. 

Because there were so many impressive essays submitted from across the U.S., we decided to share many of these students’ inspiring caring actions with you in this publication. Through their essays, the students provide a refreshing insight into their minds and hearts, offering an in depth view of our world that we often overlook. They take us on a journey rich in knowledge, personal experience and creative solutions.  It is our hope you will feel as informed and inspired as we do. We are proud to present to you the writings, thoughts and dreams for a more caring future through these articles.