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Connect to the Earth to Connect to Yourself

Rebuilding coonnection to earth

Our relationship with the Earth radically changes the moment we realize that we’re not separate from nature. Rather, we are nature. In the same way that plants and animals play a role in the ecology, so do human beings. Over the past century with the modernization of everyday life, nature has been ‘othered’ and made … Read moreConnect to the Earth to Connect to Yourself

Moonbud: The Feeling Set


What do you see when you see the moon?  We are in wonder and awe of the moon, just like the ancients were.  First of all, how can the moon and the sun be exactly the same size in the sky? Or that the moon can perfectly cover the sun in a solar eclipse?  Well, … Read moreMoonbud: The Feeling Set

Keeping Your Pet Healthy is Expensive

pet wellness with wagmo

NEW BENEFIT ANNOUNCED! Keeping your pet healthy is expensive, but it doesn’t need to be. Caring for your pet is now easier and more affordable with Unified Caring Association’s newest benefit.  Pets are such an essential part of our families, so UCA is very excited to welcome Wagmo’s pet health benefits to our member benefits. … Read moreKeeping Your Pet Healthy is Expensive

And We All Shine On

we all shine our light

Remember the old novelty poster that read: “God is dead.” – Nietzsche “Nietzsche is dead.” – God As one of modern history’s most oft-cited aphorisms, it was definitely a conversation starter.  Of course Nietzsche’s quote misses the broader context in a way that bespeaks the lazy approach many tend to take toward questions of spirituality … Read moreAnd We All Shine On

3 Steps to Compassionate Disagreements

compassionate disagreement

A lack of consensus or approval defines a disagreement. Disagreements are a part of the human experience and often begins the moment we learn to speak the word “no” as toddlers. Expressing our differing opinions with others can be healthy, leading to amazing breakthroughs and change. As the great Mahatma Gandhi says “honest disagreement is … Read more3 Steps to Compassionate Disagreements

What to do When Compassion Becomes Draining

compassion fatigue

There is a call to action associated with compassion unlike its close relatives, empathy or sympathy. Because it calls us to act in a helping manner, compassion can drain us. This is especially the case when situations call us to action frequently or repetitively. In fact, there is a name for this: Compassion Fatigue. We’ll … Read moreWhat to do When Compassion Becomes Draining

Helping Homeless Children

scholarship essay about children

Children deal with tremendous problems on a daily basis. These problems, which can consist of many different things, go unrecognized a majority of the time. A problem children deal with that I want to address is homelessness. Children experience this problem to a great extent. I live in a smaller town, so I do not … Read moreHelping Homeless Children

A Little Act of Service Makes an Elder’s Day

scholarship essay on elders

Right now, in theaters everywhere, senior tickets are at least 2 dollars cheaper. This is true in almost every ticket buying event. Senior citizens are well taken care of. Everyone tries to help them out as much as possible. However, it is not always easy to know what they need. Even in my family, my … Read moreA Little Act of Service Makes an Elder’s Day

Urban Forests Planted with the Future in Mind

Ever since I was little, I have had a fascination with trees. I spent most of my childhood in Oregon, in a home dwarfed by the six Giant Sequoias growing in the backyard. In front of those sequoias, there were three English walnuts, a Katsura tree, and an assortment of Rhododendrons and Japanese Maples. I … Read moreUrban Forests Planted with the Future in Mind

People with Disabilities Have a Superpower Most Do Not Want: Invisibility

scholarship essay about children

The unspoken stigma of people with disabilities is a significant challenge that our society faces today. We are taught from a young age to not stare at someone who is “different”. We try so hard to overlook their disabilities that we overlook them entirely. From having feeding tubes to wheelchairs to less noticeable disabilities, we … Read morePeople with Disabilities Have a Superpower Most Do Not Want: Invisibility