UCA Spring ’20 Scholarship is coming!

UCA Spring '20 Scholarship is coming!
Neil G.

Scholarships are treasures for students who seek to expand their education. The trick is finding the scholarships that celebrate our unique talents. One place that has unique scholarships is Unified Caring Association’s website. UCA has designed their scholarship program to reward and celebrate kind, caring hearts. The program acknowledges and promotes students’ acts of kindness while encouraging and supporting them to advance their education. These scholarships are nationwide and program specific. Students are invited to write 500-word essays answering a prompt that involves caring.

Spring is HERE!

This spring we have a new prompt for our caring students to write about. We are asking them to address the caring actions they would take to make change for the better. These caring actions specifically relate to a C.A.R.E. category (Children, Animals, Reforestation or Elderly). This scholarship is for US high school juniors and seniors. Entering is easy for students. Simply submit the entry with the accompanying signed release forms, and you are all set to go!

Scholarship Awards

10 first place essays will receive scholarship awards of $350

10 honorable mention essays will receive scholarship awards of $100

Key Dates to Remember

March 15, 2020: Scholarship entry portal opens to receive essay submissions.

May 15, 2020: at 11:59 pm PST: Deadline for submissions.

May 29, 2020: Scholarship winners will be announced.

Many people celebrate the UCA scholarship program. Some of these people are guidance counselors, teachers, and students. These essays are heartwarming and ingenuitive while reminding others and themselves of kindness. There are so many submissions, that the UCA scholarship team has a hard time picking its top choices. They often wish they could reward more applicants each time based on the beautiful hearts and minds behind each essay. The most interesting thing is they essays assessment is uses a “caring rubric” instead of a traditional academic rubric. This allows for the students to submit their talent in caring and kindness.

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