“C” is for Children

Unified Caring Association members are a part of C.A.R.E. programs. These programs help promote caring acts for everyone in our community and beyond. The ‘C’ in C.A.R.E. stands for children. Children are the most universally embraced reason for caring that most people support. This is a broad topic that we hear about locally and globally; to help lift kids out of extreme poverty and/or danger is one of the many ways to support kids. Unified Caring Association feels that one act of caring for a child can instill in them the desire to learn to do this for others throughout their lives. This is valuable and important because they are our future.

Unified Caring Association (UCA) supports caring projects with a focus on children, such as those that promote emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, while handling interpersonal relationships critically, yet overall empathetically. UCA promotes the caring of children by providing resources for access to emotional intelligence tools, offering caring scholarships, and providing caring gifts to young developing minds.

As an example, Unified Caring Association has connected with Children First Foster Family Agency (CFFFA) in a effort to support them and the children under their care. We know that car seats are essential for safeguarding kids, and we found out the CFFFA needed assistance in acquiring. CFFFA needs car seats so the agency can transport the children in their care to their appointments. We were grateful to be ready, willing and able to help. Unified Caring Association moved into action to help equip CFFFA with new car seats of varying sizes to cover the full range of ages needed. All of these were selected by the UCA team with care and love! (Read the full article HERE!)

On another occasion, UCA helped out with donating car seats when our team noticed that the Central Coast Kinship Center and Adoptive Placement Program needed car seats as well! Unified Caring Association sprang into action selecting high quality car seats for newborns to toddlers with the best ratings possible.  (Read the full article HERE!)

These are just two accounts out of the many ways that Unified Caring Association sponsors caring communities as well as non-profit organizations who directly and effectively work to meet unmet basic needs for children. There are many more projects and programs that UCA has created to care for children. One of the other ways we provide resources for children is through our Caring Scholarships. Read more in our blog UCA & Scholarships or on our website under the Scholarship tab.  We love hearing about our caring community’s involvement as they uphold our first letter in our C.A.R.E. programs. Because ‘C’ is for “Children.”

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