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Caring Challenge Recap

Ever so often there are moments in our lives where someone said or did something that had a profound impact on us. It could have been a grand gesture, such as giving you a scholarship for school, or something as small as holding the door open for you while you juggle a variety of items needed for your day. Often times this leaves us feeling like we want to pay-it-forward. But, how can you cultivate this mindset for the rest of your life? Unified Caring Association (UCA) has a great tool to help its members bring more caring and gratitude into their lives through the Caring Challenge.

The Caring Challenge is a daily prompt of something to do or think about that is caring, encouraging gratitude, or helping others. An example of a prompt would be, “Listen intently to everyone.” Not too hard when you first read it. But hold that thought in you mind ALL DAY. You will be surprised to find that you might periodically be slipping into your own thoughts on chores, work, what you are going to say, or simply nothing at all!

Awesome, we are on board for this challenge! What day are we on? Currently we are on day 126, but do not worry that you have missed the first months of the year. Below is a recap of each day that has gone by so far. Enjoy the past prompts. And if you are feeling ambitions, add them to the current daily prompts posted each day! Find this on the Unified Caring Association’s website under the News & Inspiration tab. We know you can do it, and love that you are already on the path to a more caring life style!

Want to read more about creating a more caring life style? Read other blogs on the UCA website such as: Unified Caring Association-Your Life is What We Care About and The “E” in C.A.R.E. Stands for Elderly!

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Unified Caring Association

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