Fall 2020 Scholarship Winners

As we approached the November 30 deadline for the UCA Fall Scholarship Essay Contest, we found ourselves cheering on the last-minute influx of essays coming through the Scholarship website portal.

Back in September, it was with faith and fingers-crossed that we sent out the invitation to high school juniors and seniors announcing the Scholarship Contest.  With school closings and other COVID-implemented challenges, we had no way of knowing what to expect.

Students were asked to write an essay on how they would make caring change in the world in their chosen category of Children – Animals – Reforestation – or the Elderly.  A majority of the essays came in from the mid-west – not something that we have seen before.  Many of the submissions speak of issues close to home; particularly dealing with children and elders.   

We were more than thrilled to support the dreams of the winners with a $550 reward for the 10 first place winners, and $250 reward for the 10 honorable mention winners.  In truth, the students honor all of us with their fresh views of the issues of the world, and their unshakable determination to make change for the better. 

Check out our Scholarships page to read the winning essays.  You will discover mature wisdom along with some very poignant solutions to complex problems.   May your spirit be uplifted with renewed hope for a kinder, more caring world as you enjoy the hopes and dreams of tomorrow’s champions of change.

UCA’s most recent Scholarship Essay Contest for High School Juniors and Seniors officially ended on November 30, 2020.  While the theme has always been to explore ways to make a more caring world, our most recent Essay Contest specifically asked how they would make a more caring world in one of four categories  – Children – Animals – Reforestation – Elderly.  The winning essays have been posted and awards distributed. 

Because there were so many impressive essays submitted from across the U.S., we decided to share many of these students’ inspiring caring actions with you in this publication. Through their essays, the students provide a refreshing insight into their minds and hearts, offering an in depth view of our world that we often overlook. They take us on a journey rich in knowledge, personal experience and creative solutions.  It is our hope you will feel as informed and inspired as we do. We are proud to present to you the writings, thoughts and dreams for a more caring future through these articles.