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The Caring Way to Change

As the late, great Robin Williams once said “never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Robin’s words are so pregnant with truth. All we have to do is think of the caring people we know to give birth to the changes they’ve made in the lives of others.

The Caring Way to Change

These changes can be as small as a caring mother making sure their child’s friend — who has a rough home life — always has positive family experiences when visiting or as large as that same mother starting a nonprofit to help at-risk youth. At the end of the day, all change starts with caring. Now, let’s dive deeper into what exactly that means.

My Cup Runneth Over

Before we can go out into our communities, the world, or even our family to initiate the change we are passionate about creating, we must start with caring for ourselves.

The airlines understand this reality deeply and make sure to remind us before every flight to put on our oxygen mask before assisting others. In our day to day lives, this looks like caring for our own needs and well-being first. To many it’s making time to do the activities that bring us joy or relaxation, caring for our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. It is not selfish.  It’s ensuring we have the energy to care most effectively for others.

We cannot pour from a cup we never replenish with it running dry. To make a sustained difference, we must begin with caring for ourselves and make that a priority.


Once we lay the caring foundation for ourselves we are in a position to care for others and create/support change.

The key aspect of this step to remember is that change-making is measured in the care we bring to it not how massive the change. We can start by volunteering, mentoring, initiating corporate giving at our place of employment, picking up trash at a park, donating, or just making a conscious decision to be the best parents we can be. The possibilities are endless. What is important to keep in mind is that change isn’t something we need to put on a pedestal.  It’s simply caring for one another.

The greatest gift we have in this life is our ability to care for others and the best part is even an act of being kind to each other is enough to make a difference.

The crucial question we get to ask ourselves is how can we show up as more caring in our homes, communities, and on this planet? In this time of environmental and societal strife, the world needs more people who care because a few caring people can change the world!

by Mona Nyree Stephens, contributing author

We invite you to discover inspiring and effective ways to care for yourself and to serve others.  Now more than ever, caring is what we all need most. Caring for our self.  Caring for others around us.  Life now demands caring, resilience and compassion like never before.  So, become a Custodian of the Caring Movement and help create the world we need right now, the world we want for our future generations.

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