Get into Fitness

Get into Fitness

Many of us challenge ourselves with new goals that we set at the beginning of the year. One goal that is often set is to get into fitness. We at Unified Caring Association (UCA) want to help support people in achieving this (and many other) goals. Now that it is almost March, we are trying to find ways to continue the momentum. UCA has many tools, and one such tool is a fitness tracker.

UCA’s Fitness Tracker Comes with an App!

When you get the Fitness Tracker D115 Plus Smart Band, you are able to get a lot of biofeedback, such as your heart rate. This can help inform us on how we are feeling, and possibly to remind us to get up and be active! This smart wrist band fitness tracker is a watch, activity, heart rate and sleep monitor. It is compatible with both Apple and Android mobile phones. First, download the supported free fitness app in the Apple or Google Play store. Next, pair the device to open up additional features at no additional cost. Additional functions include: call/SMS reminders, social media notifications, sleep monitor, and alarms.

Feel like the gym is the best place to get into your fitness? Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce your weight, and strengthen your body while gaining clarity of mind. UCA has a special deal with top brand gyms for UCA members to enjoy a 10%-50% discount on gym membership dues. Choose from top brands including: LA Fitness, Anytime Fitness, Curves and Gold’s Gym as well as specialty studios including yoga, CrossFit, kickboxing, and Pilates. Overall, getting up and moving and being able to track our goals is a great way to achieve success.

Fitness Fun

There are many ways to get moving and see your fitness tracker in action. Bicycling, cardio dance classes, or hiking clubs. If the thought of joining a gym or club is too overwhelming, UCA has an answer for you! We have been searching the web and adding different effective and awesome workout tips and routines to our Pinterest board for health and fitness. Get started with some great yoga routines that can be done at home, in the park, or anywhere! We have high quality Kriya Veda yoga mats available in the Caring Community Store where members pay just $40 per mat (standard public price is $68).

Yoga routine

Ready to get the heart pumping? We have options for fitness at home! Keep the trend going with a longer term goal to try a workout challenge that lasts for a month or two. If you love the challenge, try another 30 day Challenge to shake things up!

At Home Workout

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