Let-us-Help- You Care for your pets

Let Us Help You Care for Your Pets


Let-us-Help- You Care for your pets

Many of us love spending time with our cats, dogs, fish or other pets. We take naps together and play tag together. At unified Caring Association (UCA) we recognise that caring for our pets is just as important as caring for ourselves. This is why animals are a part of C.A.R.E. sponsored projects from UCA. Animals, along with children, reforesting and elderly are the areas that we find are pillars of action to creating a more caring world.

Pets and Our Well-Being

Pets seemingly intuitively know when we are feeling happy or sad. There have even been stories and studies on how our pets know when we are sick! When we have a pet and are in tune with them, we can feel their feelings as well. Our pets are our friends and partners, just like a service animal and the dogs in police force. They help protect and care for us, and we are thankful for they love and kindness they provide.

Pet Savings

At UCA, we have some great ways to express gratitude to our pets. We have a growing number of benefits for the pets of our members

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation

This benefit helps get your pet the top and best medical care out there and save on illnesses or injuries that can be very costly. You pick the vet for your pet. You get reimbursed for the coverage you select for your pet. This way your pet is protected by a highly rated pet insurance plan to help you care for your pet and ensure a long, healthy and happy life. Simple!

Pet Medications and Products

UCA members get many discounts in online shopping that can even be accompanied with a little cash back on purchases. These perks also cover our pets benefits! Get discounts on pet medications and supplies in just a few clicks to PetCareRx. They have been in business since 1998, making medications and products affordable to one million plus people who are caring for their pets. You can also save on top brands of pet food & nutrition, accessories & apparel, as well as cleaning and grooming.


Unified Caring Association strives to make many caring benefits available to its members and their furry friends. Keep checking in for more to come. We will be sure to keep you all up to date on benefits that are added for people and pets alike!

UCA has other fun and interesting blogs on caring acts and articles as well as sharing caring the UCA way! We also love posting throughout the week on our social media sites (Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter), sharing caring posts to brighten everyone’s day! 

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