New Elderly Benefit

Honoring the Elder Years

Honoring the Elder

There is always a fountain of youth available to us – it flows from our minds. -Anonymous

Honoring Elder

In many cultures throughout history the elderly have been respected for their wisdom and guidance. Oftentimes the elders in the household are the most important. But in our present day we sometimes let this fall by the wayside, allowing this importance to diminish. Unified Caring Association (UCA) wants to change this, and we have an announcement in regards to this…Unified Caring Association is excited to announce a new member benefit for all UCA members! We now have a new benefit in our Seniors section: Honoring the Elder Years. This is a conscious guide that helps older individuals approaching their ‘senior’ years renew sense of value and importance up to the present and going forward.

New Elderly Benefit

In this new guide titled “The Importance of Being and Elder in this World”, there are four activities in the areas of Feelings, Helping, Beauty and Joy, and then Wisdom. These sections consist of short writing activities from prompts, some are with beautiful images. This reflection helps assist the elders in our lives find purpose in the latter years of their lives while reflecting on the years that have been experienced prior. UCA finds that connecting and sharing past wisdom and experiences is something elders today are missing. The sharing with others is a great way to amplify the effects of the gude’s introspection.

UCA members can access and download this guide on the website under the ‘Seniors’  area of the Member Benefits tab. The thing that tops this off is the guide is free to UCA members! There are so many great tools and resources for UCA members, and this new addition is a great addition to them.

This program is also being used in sponsorship of Meals on Wheels. Drivers who often are the only contact with homebound seniors are now able to provide a published version of this program that contains additional tools. This enables seniors to receive more honored for their story, wisdom, and renewed purpose in their elder years! While this program is just beginning to go out, any Meals on Wheels affiliate interested in this program can contact Unified Caring Association.

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