Medical Bill Negotiation

Medical Bill Negotiation

Each year we encounter many different obstacles, one of which can be the cost of upkeeping our health. Medical bills can be daunting. But Unified Caring Association (UCA) has a new member benefit that can help with high out-of-pocket medical costs after an insurance reimbursement. UCA is teaming up with Medical Cost Advocate (MCA) to help UCA members save money OR extend payment(s). UCA members can realize big savings to help care for themselves and their loved ones!

The Benefit Overview

Under the “Benefits” tab, UCA members can access a members only deep discount with the help of Medical Cost Advocate. If a member has more than $2,500 in out-of-pocket expenses remaining on their medical bills, after any insurance payment (or non-payment), then they qualify for this benefit. These savings are on existing medical bills that can drastically reduce out-of-pocket expenses. There is no absolutely risk. A professional MCA negotiator assigned to work with our member will work with providers on their behalf. The goal is to reduce medical bills or extend payment terms. This negotiation can help stretch out payments if funds are not available. In just 4 steps, a Medical Cost Advocate assigns a professional negotiator working to save members money. 

Get Help Negotiating Your Medical Bills Now

If you are not yet a member of UCA, then you can join to access this and many more benefits.  Members, just follow the 4 steps to setup an account with MCA so that you can begin to negotiate medical bills.

Account Set up to Negotiate Medical Bills

Note: Member Bill Negotiation does not provide funds to pay for bills; you will be required to enter a payment credit/debit card. Bill negotiation is a best-efforts service. Despite MCA’s diligent efforts on a UCA Member’s behalf, some providers refuse to make accommodations to help resolve outstanding medical bills.

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