Beaming for Moonbeam

Beaming for Moonbeam
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Life can be so busy. We often rush through the day and do not often let others know how we are feeling and our experiences. When we do let others know how caring has helped our lives, it needs to be celebrated! We at Unified Caring Association (UCA) love hearing about caring experiences from our members. One member has shared their glowing experience with us while using Moonbeam Feeling Packs with their kids!

Sharing the Caring

“As a member to UCA I have access to their product Moonbeam Cards. I bought a set and used them with both my kids, 14 and 9 years. The 14 year old is my daughter, who often needs a prompt to start talking about her feelings, and that is exactly what the Moonbeam cards do for her. It strengthens our bond. 

“But with my son, who is the nine year old, it is on a different level. He is autistic, and has no problem talking to me, as I am his primary bond. However, as autism is a social communication “difference” (I don’t like to describe it as a disorder), he often has trouble with words. He gets them mixed up, or he doesn’t remember what words to use for certain situations. That said, he is quite an emotional and expressive guy, but he hasn’t always had the words to express himself verbally. This can often lead to negative behavior. 

“Moonbeam cards have really helped him by giving him the expanded vocabulary he craves to express himself. He will pore over the cards with me for extended periods of time, asking what each of the facial expressions on the Moonbeam cards mean, what feeling they are. One day, after banging on my laptop because he was frustrated he couldn’t find the video he wanted, we talked. And he told me he was feeling destructive! This is a Moonbeam emotion, and it made my heart sore to see that he recognized the feeling, and was able to express it after the fact. 

I expect to see continued improvements in my son’s ability to express himself, as well as my daughter opening up more with me as we continue to use these cards as a family.”

The Moonbeam Feeling pack and Dictionary can help bring more caring and communication to your family and you. Our hearts are singing at this feedback! 

Moonbeam Feeling Pack

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