Announcing Spring 2020 Scholarship Winners

We are excited to announce the top 10 winners and 10 honorable mention winners in our 2020 Spring Essay Scholarship Contest.


UCA created this scholarship contest for the purpose of encouraging the next generation to think about how to create more caring in the world. The association is excited to award students for promoting a more caring world. 

For Spring 2020, junior and senior high school students across the USA were asked to write an essay to address the caring actions they would take to make change for the better in one chosen category between Children, Animals, Reforestation or the Elderly.  51% of students’ submissions were focused on caring action for children; 25% chose the elderly as their category. This scholarship round, enmeshed in a period of lock-downs and quarantines, was heavily focused on people.

As we read the essays, we cried, we laughed and were continuously awed by the courage, determination and creativity of almost 200 submissions from across the entire country. All of the entrants clearly expressed their desires and solutions for a more caring future for children, animals, reforestation or the elderly —  and for that we are very proud of them!  It is our hope that as you READ THE ESSAYS you, too, will feel the passion and potential of a kinder, more equalized future expressed by these young writers. 

Ten first place scholarships of $350 were awarded to:

  • LyLena Estabine
  • Katelyn Higareda
  • Sophia Peng
  • Javier Jenkins-Sorensen
  • Gwendolyn Mechelle Morgan-Flowers
  • Magdalena Rivera
  • Hannah A. Reynolds
  • Anastazia N. Rudolph
  • Dakota Kirk
  • Taylor Fang

Ten honorable mention scholarships of $100 were awarded to:

  • Elizabeth Booze
  • Teresa Fundter
  • Esther Hanseul Kim
  • Arely Ramirez
  • Zoe Carver
  • Jenna Lee McCarty
  • James Shiffer
  • Campbell Burden
  • Jade Davis
  • Emily Chaffins

CONGRATULATIONS to all 20 winners!

UCA wrote to every individual student a message of hope and encouragement so needed these days. In that message, we said, “You are a beautiful spark for compassionate action.  Our hope, our caring wish for you, is that as you get busier with living your daily life adventure ahead, you keep your passion for caring burning bright.  More than ever, the world needs you to keep making a difference.”

The top 10 scholarship essays are published on to be read in entirety and in their own words.  We will continue to highlight themes, additional profound ideas, actions and words from this next generation of adults in future articles.  Bookmark or follow this blog to be inspired!

You can also read previous scholarship themes, winning essays and insights in articles published on this blog.