The “E” in C.A.R.E. Stands for “Elderly.”

Unified Caring Association (UCA) has many programs that stem from it’s caring core values that create huge, caring impacts. Each letter in our CARE program stands for one of the five areas that UCA builds upon: C is for Children, A is for Animals, R is for Reforestation, and E is for Elderly. Once logged into the website as a member, there is a section under the benefits tab for Seniors. There are so many resources for those that are or are entering an older age bracket.

One of these resources is a Senior Lifestyle Library. This is perfect for those that are looking for tips and ways to help remain more fit and happy. The library provides exercise resources and an abundance of activities that helps promote a healthy senior lifestyle. Another resource is a listing for seniors of ways to stay connective while staying active. Resources that foster a sense of community, companionship, and social interaction are all listed in one convenient place. Such as the Friendship Line, which is a national 24-hour toll-free crisis and support line run by the Institute on Aging for isolated, depressed, and/or lonely seniors. Also, Unified Caring Association has a connection with Senior Corps. Senior Corps is a U.S. government agency under the authority of the Corporation of National and Community Service. Senior Corps stands by the stated mission to provide aid to the elderly while promoting a strong and secure sense of community.

If you are wanting to find resources in your local area, UCA has a way to locate senior services near you. Check out the Eldercare Locator which is run by the U.S. Administration of Aging. The Eldercare Locator is a public service connecting you to resources and services for the elderly and their families. When you link from UCA to their website you will see a locator page allowing you to search by city, zip code or general information about a topic. This is such a great tool for the elderly and their families. A similar resource to this is  2-1-1, a free and confidential service that assists families across the United States and many parts of Canada to find the local resources they are looking for and need.

A special caring feature of UCA’s resources for the the elderly, is their memory care section. Unified Caring has included tools under their senior tab for memory fitness. Here you will find memory games to help train and boost the mind. The design of these games are to improve memory by stimulating the mind, with the goal of minimizing or delaying memory loss symptoms. Some of these activities include board and group participation games, puzzles, music, and literature discussions.

There are so many more resources for Unified Caring Association members that are on the UCA Seniors page. Keep checking back in and see what else we can connect you with for the elderly in your life!

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