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Unified Caring Association-Your Life is What We Care About.

Unified Caring Association

Often shortened to UCA, Unified Caring Association is a care promoting network and resource hub. This hub is filled with resources for others and yourself in the same place. It was founded in 1987 and renamed in 2012, and with 150,000+ members and growing, there is a lot to draw from in this association. As a member of UCA you can find products and services for growth that make your life easier and more fulfilling personally, with others, at work, etc.

The first thing you notice amongst the blues and oranges painting the page when visiting the UCA website is the UCA logo. It is has a cheerful yellow sun in the upper righthand corner of the page. Next to the logo is the best summary of what UCA is here for- “ Your Life is What We Care About.” Awesome! Once a member of UCA, you can find offers that include:

-different benefit options

-caring news and inspirational writings

scholarship options

-an e-commerce shop filled with goodies!

All of these benefit options link back to the core value of CARING. Because being a part of UCA is joining a caring community that shares tools, ideas, and resources.

When a member joins they become a part of the UCA CARE program, which is a special CARE project team. This team focuses on providing caring support to benefit individuals who are not able to speak for themselves. These CARE partner projects assist non-profits to create meaningful change in the world by focusing on creating improvement through caring in the areas. These caring areas are: Children, Animals, Reforestation and the Elderly. It is amazing to know that the CARE program is not just limited to these five areas but also includes veterans, victims of natural disaster, addiction treatment programs, survivors of sex-trafficking, and more! If there is topic or need not listed, UCA is also ready to hear from its members and caring community; they are just an email away seeking to be where ever caring is needed.

A super fantastic thing is that there is a way to get a daily dose of care through: Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, and Instagram! The images and quotes posted are cheerful, uplifting and just the right pick-me-up at any moment in your day! Join UCA and follow UCA on social media to feel and share the care! Already in love with UCA? Like and share the care posts on your favorite social media platform. We look forward to you joining us on this caring adventure!

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Unified Caring Association
Unified Caring Association

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