Let Us Help You Grow Caring Children

Let Us Help You Grow Caring Children

Grow Caring Children


For every job there is at least one key tool. There are many different tools to help us respond and develop positivity and caring in our evolving lives. Unified Caring Association (UCA) loves to provide tools and resources to help people develop positive, caring and happy lives. We are excited to announce that we now have more and new tools/resources to help children and teens. These will help them get a headstart on developing the skills that will help them with a more fulfilling life.

Emotionally Smart – Emotional Intelligence and Resilience

To help grow caring children UCA has source the Moonbeam Feeling Pack for their online store. This pack has a book with an accompanying deck of 144 cards that display an emotion and accompanying graphic. These cards are to help the user identify their feelings. Then they can own and harness them to promote healing, authenticity and positivity in their lives and the lives of those around them. “Being emotionally smart means being able to feel and deal with emotions [yours and other people’s].” (Unified Caring Association) In conjunction with the Moonbeam cards, videos that Help Kids Access Feelings and Emotions have been hand selected. Videos often get quick attention and can impart emotional intelligence in a different way than cards. Children have 3 videos that open them to learning how they feel about themselves and others.

Is My Child Resilient? Is a simple tool for helping to develop caring children. This is a bit like the Self-Care Assessment for adults introduced to UCA members earlier this year. But, this tool can be used with kids of any age. And is also geared for parents to help developing minds explore where to become more emotionally aware, more resilient and prepared for life these days . Being resilient is now one of the most important skills everyone needs while growing up. These are the tools that will stay with your kids or the children you care for throughout their lives.

Cyber-Bullying & Social Media Challenges

Bullying is a long standing challenge for everyone, and the newest form is cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a challenge for most parents and guardians. Before our children are faced with these challenges it is important to help our kids learn how to deal with and dissipate the negative interactions to have positive outcomes. This happens when we model and instill the values and tools that they need to stop cyber-bullying.  One organization that UCA members have access to is Stomp Out Bullying. This is a non-profit organization standing up against hate, racism and other forms of discrimination including cyber-bulling. 10/7/19 is World Day for Bullying Prevention. Keep your eyes on the news feeds for inspirational stories and tools and techniques for anti-bullying, #BlueUp!

Teaching Kids of All Ages Caring

There are other tools to help teach our kids about caring. Some of these are coloring pages on caring, kindness, positivity, and more! Coloring is a fun way to practice mindfulness/meditation, creativity and learn without stress. UCA has many more coloring pages available to download and print on their Pinterest board: Caring Kids Coloring Pages.

To accompany these caring and creative coloring pages, UCA members have access to mobile apps that are safe to use and filled with caring and educational value. Most of us today are linked (literally and figuratively) to our technological gadgets. The wide use of these gadgets has changed the way we think and learn which is where apps come in. We spent focused time searching for apps that are compatible with our caring values and are age appropriate for kids and teens. To be doubly safe, we verified each mobile app with Common Sense Media. This is a company who reviews, monitors, and rates a wide variety of mobile apps.

Sometimes we just want to watch a good video. UCA has source videos to share with kids under 10 years old. Some examples are: Kindness is Cooler, Mrs Ruler, Listening with My Heart,Kindness is a Muscle, and All About Kindness and Good Deeds. If you have a teen (11+ years old)  there are videos for you as well! Life Vest Inside- Revolution of Love, A Self-Care Action Plan- How to Adult, and Too Quick to Judge are just a few examples on videos in the teens category.

Whether you are with a newborn baby or have an 18 year old, it is never too late to start helping them grow to be a more caring person. These tools and resources are things that they will carry with them as the grow up and become caring adults. Unified Caring Association is happy and filled with excitement to help you grow caring children.

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