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UCA Has New Caring Tools: Health and Fitness Monitors

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Unified Caring Association (UCA) is always striving to provide caring tools and resources for our members. UCA’s Caring Community Store is the perfect way to give and receive caring. Our store provides uniquely selected and sourced products 100% focused on caring…for self, family, caregivers and community. UCA members receive VERY deeply reduced prices and always free shipping as a benefit of membership. The profits generated from the store go directly to UCA sponsorship of C.A.R.E. projects. New to the Caring Community Store are health monitors that track blood pressure, oxygen levels, or fitness. Here is a short description of each of these important monitors. 

Arm Blood Pressure Monitor by DrKea


For those of us who need to keep track of our health, specifically our blood pressure, it can be difficult to stay on top of it. Often times the only access we have to a blood pressure monitor is at the pharmacy or doctor’s office. UCA has added the Arm Blood Pressure monitor to its online store. The added bonus is it is at a discounted rate for UCA members! DrKea performs clinical tests on it’s monitors for their accuracy and reliability which is why doctors recommend it. Additionally this monitor is FDA and CE Approved. This particular model is new and improved with 2018 Intelligent Measurement Technology, and had a 365 day manufacturer’s guarantee. Some of the features for this user friendly monitor are: larger buttons and cuff straps, increased memory functions with 30 recall readings, and date/time stamps. Simply strap it on your are, press “ON” and start your reading!

Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor by DrKea


If you are looking for something a bit smaller than the Arm Blood Pressure Monitor,DrKea has a Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor too! This pint-size monitor is also sporting the same recommendations from physicians and the 365 day manufacturer’s guarantee. Made with Advance Optimized Accuracy, this Wrist Blood Pressure Machine ensures accurate readings your that are reliable. This is a great option to pack with yor for a trip. (Just envision the quiet of the redwoods in California, or the gentle lap of the waved on a tropical beach!) Monitoring your health is so easy with this compact monitor that can go almost every where with you!

Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Zacurate 500BL Pro


With in 10 seconds this oximeter can determine your blood oxygen levels, pulse rate and strength! The fingertip Pulse Oximeter Zacurate 500BL Pro has a medical grade silicone finger chamber with a SMART Spring System to accommodate a wide range of finger diameters. It also is hypoallergenic and latex free, as well as easy to read with a large LED screen. With just two AAA batteries it lasts for 40 hours, and when the time comes to replace the batteries, the cover snaps off/on hassle-free!

Fitness Tracker D115 Plus Smart Band


Love the idea of tracking your fitness everywhere you go? UCA has a fitness tracker available for members at a discounted rate. The Fitness Tracker D115 Plus Smart Band is able to track your activities, heart rate, sleep patterns, and is a watch. It is easy to set up and sync up with your electronics, and is compatible with Apple and Android devices. This sleek design and VeryFitPro app are a great way to get an extra boost for fitness by checking your progress throughout the day. Some of the features for this fitness tracker are that it records your daily activities/steps, distance, calories and blood pressure. See your sleep patterns by tracking your whole sleep cycle. This includes an analysis of your deep sleep cycle and light sleep hours. Also you can set some fun watch functions like themes, language and gestures to add some fun in the day! When the battery runs low, or the dreaded dead battery at the end of the week, the Fitness Tracker D115 Plus Smart Band charges via USB connecting in about 2 hours. The band fits a wide range of wrist sizes (5.4”-7.6”) which makes this a great tool for everyone from young to old!

We can go on and on in excitement on these new tools in our Caring Community Store! Mostly we are happy to share the caring and be able to help members get the tools they need at a hugely discounted rate. 

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