Pause, Inhale and Exhale

Pause, inhale and exhale

This is a difficult time for many people. The last couple months have been tough for pretty much everyone. Pause, then inhale and exhale. Some people are sick or have family members sick from Covid-19.  Some have lost jobs and are worried about their future.  Some are deemed essential workers and are putting their health – and that of their families – at risk every day while they serve others. And nearly all of us have been isolating at home and dealing with the stress that comes with that.

Pause again. Inhale and Exhale.

Life pre-Covid-19 feels like an eternity ago, a world and lifestyle that is faint in our memories.  Life post-Covid-19 is unknown, which can be stressful and anxiety producing. We are in a weird place in time – the pause between one way of living and another way of living.  The space between an inhale and exhale. A reset, if you would, between the old and the new, and potentially better, way of living.

This is a Period of Growth

This time is forcing all of us to grow and evolve in some way.  A common experience for us all is that the greatest periods of growth in life have been those times that were the most difficult and uncertain.  They were usually times where we felt that our entire world had collapsed around us – and in some ways it had.  The collapse was needed so that we could build something new in our life.  Sometimes the things we ended up building were clearly visible, such as moving to a new home or new country.  Other times, what we were building was internal, such as learning to love our self or forgive others.  Each time, we have had the opportunity to come out of that collapse a better, more authentic person.

It can be downright scary when you are alone and have to face “you” in all your authenticity for the first (or 100th) time.  There is no escaping your fears, your feelings, your hurts and old wounds.  You don’t have your day-to-day bustle to distract you.  There is only so much binge-watching you can do before you start to feel restless and uncomfortable.  And yet, this type of experience can lead to the richest of rewards – greater understanding of yourself and your needs, increased self-awareness and confidence, and a deeper feeling of peace and joy through the release of things that have been holding you down.

What has been coming up for you during this time? 

How have you been managing your stress and all this change?  If you’d like some tips on how to manage change, please check out “Endings and Beginnings: How to Handle Change with as Little Stress as Possible” from our contributing author, Jennifer Monahan, for some thought-starters:


Please remember that you don’t have to do this entirely on your own. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help during this time!  Sometimes just expressing your emotions and what is coming up for you to a trusted friend, family member, therapist, healer or member of the clergy can give you clarity and peace.

Positive Steps

Surrounding yourself with positive people and empowering news can also make a big difference.  There are a number of sites out there that are filled with “good stuff.” Unified Caring Association, a non-profit membership organization focused on helping children, animals, reforestation and the elderly, has been providing daily updates on its COVID19 Pandemic page and throughout its membership site.  Among other offerings, UCA focuses on good news and inspiring stories and is dedicated to provide empowering and entertaining stories to help people during this time.  The video of senior citizens playing Hungry Hungry Hippos with their wheelchairs is sure to made you LOL (laugh out loud)!

And finally, thank you for sharing your caring stories, both your triumphs and your stumbles, during this time.  We are all in this together. Your life lessons can help another person.  Your successes may serve as a point of inspiration for someone who is really struggling.

We are all being called to do extraordinary things for the collective caring of our families, communities and the world in response to the unique coronavirus pandemic. Whether home bound or providing critical services, everyone is stretched to adapt like never before.  All of us are in this together. Now more than ever, caring is what we need most. Caring for our self. Caring for others around us. Life is going to require new routines, resilience and compassion. We invite you to join us in creating a caring movement to respond to local needs.

Would you like to read more about UCA caring resources and products? We have other blogs on Unified Caring Association and our products, caring in our communities, and caring the UCA way!

Article by Jennifer Monahan, contributing author