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Many of us love the quality and variety of benefits that Unified Caring Association (UCA) provides as a part of every membership. New member benefits can be revealed each time you log in as a member.  When you discover a benefit that you had not seen before, it’s like a caring present. With all of these benefits, tools and resources, it can be a bit challenging to know where to go next or what to explore. Read on! This article provides a summary of some key membership benefit areas available to all UCA members.


It all starts with self-care. Members like to begin with Self-Assessment tools to focus where they want to be healthier or improve their lives. A member shared that she loves revisiting the newly introduced UCA Self-Care Assessment to rescore herself, seeing her progress on her self-care plan. (Can we just pause for a second and say, AWESOME! Awesome for this tool and this member’s progress in self-care!) Another member let us know about their journey; “This test has opened my eyes, to the changes that I have made, (and) I must continue doing! I’m so grateful that UCA has this available to me as a member and all other members.” 

A fair amount of members access the Personal Well-Being Survey in addition to the UCA Self-Care Assessment. With this second tool, our members can develop a self-care plan based on the results of their surveys. Another UCA member took the survey and has a solid sense for where they can improve stress management. This is a key area that will help benefit all people.

Access to other self-care member benefits include guided instructional meditations and physical exercises. Members let us know that they like to use multiple of the meditation audios at home and work as a part of improving their self-care and efforts to reduce stress. Amongst the variety of guided meditations is a link to inspirational music. Some members like to listen to these songs while working.  One member let us know that they feel that the inspirational music is not only relaxing but helps calm the mind so they can keep their focus on the task at hand. They feel embraced by the very pure environment created with this music, allowing time in the day to just fly by.

Other valuable tools for self-care are available too. The 24-hour counseling hotline to help us unburden our minds from stress, grief, depression, etc. is top of the list (see our blog titled Caring Connection 24-7 for the full details). Also, members have access to Meal Easy’s nutritional planning to help fuel us up for all of the caring we will be doing! At Meal Easy, we can select a meal plan that fits our desired goal and diet through the different plans available: Balance, Weight Loss, Heart Healthy, Diabetes, Vegetarian, or Gluten-Free. Next, plan our meals ahead of time, and groceries can be delivered to us. Then we are able to prepare our meals in about 30 minutes. Overall, members save money on groceries and food, as well as the added savings from the UCA member discount on the monthly/yearly plans.  The saying holds true: “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”


UCA members can save on all of their shopping needs with access to more than 1,200 well-known nationwide merchants through our Member eShop. An added bonus is that members earn points and save more money! These discount prices often have comparable pricing to other online stores like Amazon, but through the Member eShop our purchases are accompanied with a bit of cash back to the UCA member.

In addition to savings with national online retailers, Unified Caring Association members have their own online UCA store where members have access to deeply discounted products. Many of these products support non-profit organization causes, creating a win-win benefit! It is through the UCA store where a member loved his purchases, like the Extraordinary Ventures (EV) products, that provided a big discount on consciously selected products. When orders were received, “…the package was wrapped up with care by UCA and was fun to open, like a gift.” 

The savings even extend to eyeglasses and contact lenses. One member saved about 50% of the cost of their last set of contacts lenses. (They even checked this against other popular online contact lenses outlets, and found the UCA member discount to be better!) To top this off, 39 Dollar Glasses (the company that is associated with the UCA member benefit program) checked their prescription with the member’s optometrist and the order was still received with in five days.


Taking care of our health begins with access to reliable tools to do our own health checks and make informed choices. UCA members have easy access to two very important tools that fill this need.

One of the tools available to our members is Health Check-Up. Members let us know that they have utilized multiple of the online health check tools for topics such as vaccinations, annual health exam, body mass index, Lyme disease knowledge and assistance on research. Being able to help assess our health with tools at our fingertips is so helpful when we are caring for our loved ones and ourselves.

When our members need to educate themselves on health-related topics, they have a Medical Info Library of curated medical information to their search and choices. available to help decipher some of the toughest medical language and better understand conditions and treatments. For example, one of our members uses it to understand medications and drug interactions. We are happy to have sourced this tool since people are often confused about the ‘lingo’ of the medical industry.

For members desiring to access additional medical discounts, insurance and savings that may be available as a member of UCA in their location, we provide immediate access to licensed agents who can help determine the right plans for their individual needs. 


Taking care of our pets can be a big part of how we create a healthier life. With care for them in mind, our animals also care for us. Providing pet care and saving on those care costs includes help with pet insurance, prescriptions, special needs and animal supplies. Unified Caring Association has animals as a part of our core C.A.R.E. values and that extends to pour member benefits.

Pet care can be expensive, but our PetCareRx benefit is a great way to help manage those costs. Members save on the cost of pet medications. One member saved on medication for their rescued dog. And this member also bought Wellness dog food for him and his furry sister at or below Amazon prices. Our members love this caring pet benefit that is one-stop-shop for their energetic dogs, cats, etc that keep them on their toes! HealthyPaws is a second pet benefit UCA offers. When an injury or illness happens, the vet bills can be staggering. This is one of the best options for pet insurance. Members of UCA receive discounts on HealthyPaws insurance plans.


Caring for seniors is a big part of UCA and another C.A.R.E. value. To help our members who are caregivers or who are caring for elders in their family, UCA members have access to benefits that include support for senior lifestyle improvements, legal assistance, mental health screening, memory fitness and hearing tests. The Memory Fitness tools are different workouts for the mind that are fun, helpful and revealing for our members. We have heard from a member who has fun playing dozens of daily free memory online games on Memozor. This helps keep them sharp, and gives a little fun spice to their day!

Hearing Tests are super important for everyone to do. Our members can run their hearing test via an Android or Apple app. One UCA member finds it “…super easy and thankfully… I can hear perfectly (for my age)!” We hear you loud and clear, and are super excited to hear this as well! 

News and Inspiration

When you become a member of UCA you can stream daily positive news stories that report on what’s right and good and positive in the world – something you don’t usually hear on broadcast or internet news channels. UCA has many positive and uplifting reports of caring and inspirational acts that help bring some sunshine in our day. Just about every day multiple members enjoy getting their dose of good news on the UCA feed. They love setting their mind on a positive path before getting busy with life, work, family, etc. that fills their day. Another member enjoys checking this news network to fill their heart and day with good, positive news.

Unified Caring Association also has caring news that also keeps us all up to date on UCA’s caring action in communities across the country. Our members share their joy for these tools that create an expanding oasis in their day. One way that members help promote caring is through the Caring Challenge. This is a daily dose of caring that we each can do. One member is delighted when they log in and see the quick prompts and inspired challenges to put out more kindness, compassion and good in the world. For example, July 1, 2019 was “Bring someone flowers.” If you wanted to review more about the Caring Challenge, and maybe even catch up, read our Caring Challenge Recap blog.

We love sharing about our growing list of Unified Caring Association member benefits and tools. Keep an eye on our blogs and news feeds for more sharing on caring, member benefits information, and caring resources. As more members share their experiences, we are looking forward to sharing more with our followers and readers about our member’s reviews. We love to share, support, and promote positivity in the world. 

Want to read more about UCA and get an extra dose of positivity on you news feeds? Read our other blogs on caring, member benefits, and or follow us on social media: Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. We are looking forward to sharing more with you!

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