Giving from the heart.

Caring Challenge Mid-Year Update

Giving from the heart.
Giving from the heart is a way to show you are caring!

Doing something nice for someone or for yourself makes the day a bit brighter. Unified Caring Association has a way to help us do just that: one suggested caring act each day of the year! This is the UCA Caring Challenge. We have a previous post reviewing the first part of this year’s Caring Challenge and have an update to our first Caring Challenge Recap blog on what has been suggested each day since.

Would you like to get on board? Each day on the Unified Caring Association website there is a new caring act suggestion.  An example is, “Donate to the food bank.” Currently we are on day 189. If you want to catch up on what you missed since our last Caring Challenge Recap, we are sharing the recent months’ daily challenges in this blog article. 

We love sharing the caring and nurturing ourselves. Look through the calendars below to see each day’s prompt. We know you will enjoy them and maybe even add them to your upcoming daily acts of caring and kindness!

May's  Caring Challenge Recap
May’s Caring Challenge Recap
June's Caring Challenge Recap
June’s Caring Challenge Recap

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