Helping Women Get Back on Their Feet

Helping Women Get Back on Their Feet

Small caring acts of kindness can help change the world one person at a time. During the year Unified Caring Association (UCA) teams up with caring organizations to help bring more caring into the world. Recently we teamed up with Women Helping Women to help 80 girls get back on their feet. We would love to share this effort with our caring community and celebrate this caring organization.

Women Helping Women

This non-profit organization is a confidential support service that helps survivors find healing, hope and empowerment. Through their caring actions they inspire the community to speak out against gender-based violence. Additionally, Women Helping Women helps to speak up for equal and healthy relationships. They work hard to educate and advocate for caring ambassadors to help us grow into change agents that prevent gender-based violence before it can begin.

Lives Saved 2019

Special Care Packages for 80 Girls

When we connected with Women Helping Women, we were able to provide 80 young girls who were rescued from trafficking on the U.S. east coast. They are receiving care packages from us to help them get back on their feet.

We helped provide free clothing for these women and children exiting the crisis of human trafficking. The girls with ages between 12 and 14 were brought in to ‘shop’ for clothing that UCA helped provide. Our goal is to help the girls to have a nurturing experience as well as an opportunity for caring and encouragement.

When these girls went shopping, each received a gift of a colorful zippered pouch hand made by women in Africa. On each bag is an emblem that says “In Her Shoes.”  This is a direct correlation between the women who sew the bags who have overcome many obstacles and these girls on the east coast just starting on their journey toward wholeness. Within the pouch there is lip gloss, pretty hair ties and a colorful pen. Additionally, the girls are get a journal to record their innermost feelings and thoughts. To help process these feelings, each girl also receives her very own Moonbeam Feeling Pack, helping to understand their feelings and develop ways to cope with the process of emotional healing. It is our hope that these care packages add to the wonderful caring provided by Women Helping Women and their network. We are proud to help support these girls as they begin a new journey. Thank you for Women Helping Women for letting us help these girls with getting back on their feet!


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