Advanced Directives of Peace of Mind

Advanced Directives of Peace of Mind

There are so many facets to gaining peace of mind. Unified Caring Association (UCA) has many caring tools and resources for self-care, caregivers, our families and pets. These tools can help us with difficult times, celebrate happiness and help us gain peace of mind. One caring resource the UCA has for our members is found through Advanced Directives. 

Advanced Directives

Also known as a “Living Will,” advance directives are important to set our minds at ease. They do this by helping us with organization. This legal document allows others know important decisions and wishes should you be unable to make them known. For example, the document contains your health care decisions to help ensure your medical treatment wishes are carried out.

Creating Your Document

If you are looking into creating your Advance Directives, where can you start? UCA has a trusted link to create one online, for free. “Do Your Own Will” guides you through each step, then automatically prepare documents ready to print and sign as required. As always, we recommend consulting with an attorney specializing in estate planning. This attorney helps to make sure your legal documents communicate and execute exactly. Additionally, terminology that is found in Advanced Directives can be confusing, so we have a brochure from the American Hospital Association that is very helpful. The American Hospital Association highly recommends carrying this printable Advance Directive wallet card with you at all times as a way to communicate to healthcare professionals that your Advanced Directive / Living Will is in place.

Advance Directive Card

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