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We often speed through our daily tasks. Sometimes, we do not realize how much we accomplish. At times we all just need a space and place to gather our thoughts. There are so many ways we can collect our thoughts and feelings. One of the most successful ways to reflect is through journaling. Unified Caring Association (UCA) is happy to have a selection of journals available in our Caring Community Store. Below are descriptions of the journals available now!

Gratitude Journal for Men: a 52 Week Guide to Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude

This handsome journal is eye catching with ‘GRATITUDE” prominently displayed just above the center of the cover. This sleek minimalist design is perfect for the reflective man. What’s great is that this journal is also a 52 week guide for promoting and recording gratitude!

gratitude journal men

Gratitude Journal for Women

To complement the journal for men, we have a gratitude journal for women too! This beautiful journal has a colorful cover that has a ring for cheery flowers. It’s beautiful to just have in your space. This journal sets the perfect place for relieving stress and promoting gratitude and happiness. There are small easy exercises in this journal to help encourage us to focus on the positive.

gratitude journal women

The One Minute Gratitude Journal

Some of us feel like we don’t have much more than a minute to spare in our day. This small journal helps us cultivate new perspectives filled with gratitude. The cheery colorful cover helps bring a smile whenever it is pulled out. In this book we can cultivate attitudes of gratitude that helps bring about physical, spiritual and mental benefits.

one min gratitude journal

Write Now Journals from Compendium

These journals are so creative and gorgeous with bright covers! There is a selection of four different themes: joy, love, happiness and freedom. These eye catching designs feature a modern look, bold statements, striking artwork and wonderful quotes. Each journal has plenty of lined pages to fill with imagination, gratitude or anything else that is on your mind.

Journals at UCA

Happy Journal

This is an eco-friendly journal and pen that is great to use. It is spiral-bound which makes it easy to fold over and use. The writing on the cover says it all, “Happiness is an inside job.”

Happiness Eco Journal

Why Journal?

There are many reasons why people journal. Often it is a way to become mindful about our thoughts, actions and emotions. Think of journaling as a form of meditation. During this time, we can reflect upon topics such as: gratitude, self-care, nutrition, activities, and more! Some of us like to doodle in our journals, making fun and whimsical characters. Others like to write down sayings or mantras to remember, or write poetry or song lyrics. Whatever the content we choose, all of the recordings are a valuable way to help us focus, sort through issues and grow.

Many of us have an eventful life filled with so much to do that we need a place to sort it all out. What better place than a journal that can be taken with your anywhere! UCA journals are a great deal since they are under $9 for UCA members. Pick out one (or more) to start your journaling journey! 

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