Mid-Life NO Crisis

Mid-Life NO Crisis

Life is a journey that has many twists and turns. While on this adventure we have milestones such as taking our first steps as a toddler, turning 16 and learning to drive, graduating college, and so on. One milestone that many of us dread is hitting midlife. We at Unified Caring Association (UCA) want to help dispel concerns for this part of our life journey with our new resource for our UCA members: Mid-Life NO Crisis. With this caring packet, your can prepare for and navigate the mid-life milestone. Read on to learn about some key topics Mid-Life NO Crisis touches on.

The Checklist For Mid-Life

Health: Health is key to being resilient during stressful times. Eating a balanced diet, keeping active, hydrating your body, and getting a good amount of sleep each night are just the start of checking in with your health. Having a healthy mind is important too! For mental health we suggest meditation of mindfulness practices. For example, writing in a gratitude journal, will help clear your mind and allow you to process your emotions. When we are centered, resilient, charging physical health with nutrition and healthy activities we can put a big check-mark on the health section of our mid-life no crisis checklist. 

Want to check in with your physical health? Try using a waist to height ratio calculator! “The waist to height ratio is a measure of the distribution of body fat. Higher values of waist-height ratio indicate a higher risk of obesity-related cardiovascular diseases since it is correlated with abdominal obesity. Studies have found that waist-height ratio is a good indicator of the risk of heart attack, stroke or death, yet it hasn’t been proved to measure the risk of diabetes. Other indicators of abdominal obesity are body mass index (BMI) and waist-hip ratio.” (https://www.omnicalculator.com/health/Waist_Height) Another way to check in on our health is to talk with your medical provider. They might suggest different assessments, like mammograms or a cholesterol test, that are also for people who approach and are in a mid-life adventure.

Finance: Whether it is at the end of the year, every three months or more frequently, most of us keep track of our finances during our lives. However, when we hit mid-life, finances are perhaps more important. With some simple steps, we can avert a mid-life crisis. Think about what you need for retirement when you retire. Do you have any debt that needs to be eliminated to ensure a comfortable retirement? Making a plan, by yourself or with a specialist, will help eliminate the stress that comes from money matters.

One topic that relates to finances is the legal and financial paperwork that goes with preparing a last will and testament. In this paperwork your physical assets and financial accounts are listed. Additionally, any wishes you specify upon embarking on your next journey. “There is one commonality for all humans. At some time we will die. Having this paperwork in place will give you peace of mind. Also it can help your loved ones cope at this distressing time. Make sure they know where it is located. Many professionals can help you will all such paperwork.” (https://www.kaynewton.com/category/midlife-strategies/

Relationships: Our relationships are a huge part of our lives. If we need any help, we turn to our friends and family. Spending time with people you care about helps strengthen your relationships, and often helps us maintain happiness and gratitude. 

In conjunction with nurturing our relationships with others, we need to practice self-care to build an unshakable relationship with ourselves. When we know ourselves, live our lives to their fullest, practice self-reflection through mediations and journaling, we are capable of bouncing back from difficult situations that can arise in the mid-life portion of our journey.

Mid-Life Checklist

Why do we need to be aware of mid-life adventures? If we are aware and plan ahead for what our future holds, we often experience less stress and have less fear of what is to come. If you are already in your mid-life, it is never too late to start planning and taking steps to simplify our mid-life journey. With the upcoming UCA resource, Mid-Life NO Crisis, we are able to help others navigate through the waters of midlife.

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